Cooperating with the universities in the US, Cynergy Future Education engages in bringing American educational resources to China. Throughout a year-long full-time working in china experience, American scholars will have the opportunity to establish a deep understanding for both countries, as well as a rich aboard life experience. The program will provide many activities and training sessions to support American scholars to make sure this one-year experience would become a life-long memory that shapes their career paths. We have reached cooperation with many universities and educational institutions in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places, providing international teaching experts from well-known universities such as The Ohio State University, the University of California, the State University of New York, and so on. In the future, our US office will look forward to reaching out to more universities in the mid-west area to expand this program.
Chinese Culture Training
One-on-one Career Mentor / advisor
Field trip for career building and culture awareness
Team building activities
Staff standby 24/7 to provide supports for scholars
Professional ESL Language teaching training
Basic Chinese language course will be provided to help scholars to survive in China.
Learn how to use Performed Culture Pedagogy to teach English/subject in Chinese context.
Each scholar will be paired with a career mentor according to his/her major or desired potential career field.
All the scholars will attend at least 2 receptions to communicate freely with their career mentors.
Top 500 company visiting trip will be provided throughout the year.
Field trip will be provided to establish the cultural differences and awareness.
Establishing friendship during the program.
Recruitment Session
Career Mentor Talk
Spring Festival Celebration
Farewell Party
Interview and Career Talk
Thanksgiving Dinner
Career Mentor Talk
Visa Preparation
Job Starts
Spring Team Building
Pre-departure Orientation
Arrive in China Two-Week Training
Job Ends
Course materials will be provided ahead of time to help scholars fully prepare before the on boarding.
The training program will be designed by our education committee members include the faculty from OSU, Kun Shan Duke University and Zhejiang University and so on.
Pre-departure Orientation to relieve anxiety about living in China.
Culture seminar to understand the cultural difference/conflict between two countries.
Jan to May
May to June
July to August
About Your Employer:
1. Degree: Bachelor’s degree and above.
2. Preferably Education, TESOL, Linguistics, Chinese, Early Childhood Development and other teaching related majors.
3.Have an interest in foreign cultures.
4.Be able to handle difficult & challenging situations.
5.Have ambitions for career building
6.Be energetic & friendly with children and teenagers.
7.Be a flexible, good team player.
Main Job Responsibilities:
Payment and Benefit:
• 10000 RMB (1500 USD) /month
• A paid round trip international flight ticket
• Accommodation will be offered
•Chinese working visa reimbursement (exclude shipping cost)
• Health Insurance will be provided
• A Two-week training session will be conducted upon the beginning of the program
• Field trip for culture awareness will be provided
• Chinese language course will be provided
• Career mentor will be paired with related field according to scholars’ background and future career path
1. Conduct English classes according to course requirements for 20-25 hours per week
2. 15-20 hours of office hours per week for daily student feedback writing, lesson planning, cultural event planning, and other teaching related tasks
3. Conduct monthly cultural event to encourage students using English outside of class
You will be placed as ESL teacher in Kindergartens. Most of the Kindergartens are in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities although you might find some as well in smaller cities. The other option is to work in the language training centers. There are normally fewer working and teaching hours in language centers compared to kindergartens and number of students in the class is between 10-12.
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