All of the foreign teachers studied at well-known universities in the United States

One-to-one teaching is provided to demonstrate real life interactions

Students learn face-to-face with native English speakers

Fitting the crowd
Children adolescents
Students in class
Fitting our foundation
K3 and older
Nationality of foreign taechers

Recommended Ages:

Recommended Applicants:

K3-J2 (5-14 years old)

Children who want to improve their English in a short period of time.

Children with a basic English foundation but are unable to communicate with native speakers.

Children who want to lay a good language foundation for study abroad programs or other future plans.


We have created a purely American-English environment without families needing to leave home. By living with an American foreign teacher and communicating face-to-face with him or her, their previously obtained “knowledge” can be transformed into practical “ability”.
Students also acquire authentic American expressions that are difficult to learn in ordinary schools while directly understanding American culture, customs, and thought patterns.
Through daily oral training and in-school curriculum counseling, children’s English learning motivation is stimulated. Additionally, we help guide children to understand American culture and establish a broad world outlook by giving them an opportunity to participate in diversified cultural activities with music, sports, catering, and other aspects.
After the program, the children and their families will be able to build international relationships and improve their confidence and fluency when communicating with foreigners in the future. They can also pave their ways for future travels, communication, and abroad studies, both in terms of pragmatic competence and cultural awareness.


Services provided by EngToBeyond:
We provide one bilingual assistant to each family to help coordinate and give feedback for each session
Strictly regulate the behavior of the American Cultural Ambassadors (foreign teachers) to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in China
Assist in providing the area and course support for the program

All American Cultural Ambassadors (foreign teachers) come from American universities and can provide evidence of having no criminal record

Requirements as a Family:
1. Separate bedrooms should be provided for the American Cultural Ambassadors (foreign teachers); 2. The family is responsible for providing daily meals for the American Cultural Ambassadors (foreign teachers)—There meals a day; 3. Families must provide foreign teachers time to rest; all activities should be completed before 22:00; 4. Familiest are responsible for expenses incurred by children and foreign teachers when they travel; 5. Make sure that at least one member of the family (either parent or child) can communicate with foreign teachers in pure English.
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