Based on the American pedagogy of performing another culture, the Chinese language course of Cynergy Future Education is jointly created by American authoritative academic advisers of pedagogy and Chinese language experts, and it is designed locally, matching different needs of different countries. In order to achieve our teaching objectives, teaching with Chinese teaching team can ensure the authentic teaching content will be taught in various countries.

Under the guidance of the "Belt and Road Initiative" (B&R)

Cynergy Future Education makes efforts to export Chinese language and culture to Cambodia by the cooperation with local schools. Before designing courses for them, our team studied the current educational and national conditions in Cambodia. This helped our teaching team have a better understanding of local culture, and the teaching was excellent.


Cultivating students' Comprehensive pragmatic competence.

Students can communicate with native Chinese speakers confidently and fluently.

Spread pure Chinese culture.

Cultivating international experts through language teaching.

Students can consciously speak Chinese according to their Chinese cultural background.

To help locals have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and language and thinking patterns of native Chinese speakers.

As a doctoral student at The Ohio State University, a scholar of American pedagogy of performing another culture, Lin teaches senior Chinese courses at The Ohio State University, and she is also a teacher of a Chinese teaching method exchange training program between Zhejiang University and The Ohio State University. She graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor’s degree in German, and has passed the German language examination of level 8. Her master’s degree in international education of Chinese language was received from Zhejiang University. She was a Chinese teacher in the School of International Education of Zhejiang University and a English teacher for middle school students in Hangzhou "New Oriental". She has a lot of experience in language teaching.
Cecelia Lin

Program Director



Learning pure Chinese without going abroad.

The authoritative teaching theory-The pedagogy of performing another culture.

Localized Curriculum makes learning more effective.

Teaching members graduated with Chinese language major from well-known universities in China.

Establishing a broad world outlook and an international vision.

A team of Chinese language experts.

An American authoritative team of academic advisers in Pedagogy.

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